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Green waste is not like other pieces of waste or rubbish. It is delicate, biodegradable and has to be disposed of in the correct manner. It can be confusing for people that do not understand the finer details of what is considered green waste, and what essentially makes the cut. That is why they rely on the trusted team at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to help them with all their green waste removal services.

The Green Waste Removal service: what we will collect…

With our 10 years of experience, we know exactly what to collect when we arrive at a person’s property. We know what makes the cut and what doesn’t. This is what years of experience shows you. So, what green waste will we remove from your property? This is what makes the cut in our green waste removal service:

  • Flowers and fauna

  • Grass clippings

  • Flower cuttings

  • Leaves of all shapes and sizes

  • Small prunings

  • Twigs and large branches

  • Weeds

  • Tree bark

  • Garden waste

The Green Waste Removal service: What we won’t collect…

People might think that any “rubbish” goes anywhere. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Each piece of rubbish has to be disposed of in the right manner, so there are certain things that we will not collect when it comes to our green waste removal service. There is thin line what might be considered, which is why we are happy to list it for you here:

  • Gardening tools, including hoses

  • Bottles (glass or plastic – they are not biodegradable as you think)

  • Rocks and pebbles of all sorts

  • Gardening pots (regardless of ceramic or plastic composition)

  • Soils and dirts

  • “Hard” rubbish

Now you know what to expect…

Now when you contact Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal you know what type of green waste we will collect from your property. Do not fear though if you have other rubbish that needs to be removed, we have plenty of other services available for you.