We have come such a long way as a society from the days when rubbish would be thrown out your back door (or front door) into a trough like an indent in the middle of the road. As we all know based upon sickness and the Black Plague that was not a very wise decision which is why we have rubbish collection companies and individuals now. These companies are responsible for picking up our rubbish (typically once per week) and disposing of it in a place where it can break down and not cause harm or disease spread among people and societies.

The price of these services vary greatly from place to place, Sydney included which is why today we want to talk about the baseline prices and don’t forget to stop back later when we get into more detail about what you as the consumer can expect from your rubbish removal company based upon what you are paying.

There are so many rubbish removal companies out there today that help raises the competition in the business and this, in turn, helps keep the prices comparable and affordable. Keeping that in mind you know the prices will vary from provider to provider but in Sydney, you can pretty much say the costs will be between $75 and $99 per three-month billing cycle or between $25-$33 per month. The prices vary depending upon what you are wanting your service to consist of.

When you are trying to decide between rubbish collection companies there are a few things to take into account…

  • Type of waste you are wanting rid of. Some items will cost more than others such as hazardous waste compared to just regular home waste.
  • The amount of waste you have also will play a role in the cost. Most rubbish removal companies have an X amount of bags limit and once you reach your maximum allowance of bags for the week or month they charge a fee.
  • Your location is another important factor. If you live in the middle of nowhere your cost might reflect that.
  • Labour costs of the removal crew, again if you have large items to remove you might expect an additional fee or higher monthly cost to include the labour or the crew to remove such items.

The best tidy bit of advice I can give is to shop around call the rubbish removal companies that work in your area and ask about pricing as well as check to see what those prices include so you are not caught off guard when the bill comes or when the rubbish collection truck comes. You might also be able to cut better deals if you pay per bag compared to paying per month or per quarter, again the best course of action is called the companies and discuss your options.



As a consumer it is important for us to know exactly what we are getting for our money, after all, we work hard for our money and the last thing we want to do is blow it on senseless things, right? There are many different rubbish removal companies around the Sydney area which is wonderful for consumers because the variety gives way for competitive prices.

While the prices will vary based upon differing factors like location, the amount of rubbish, types of rubbish, etc. the services included should be relatively comparable. So, what do you get exactly when you are paying for your rubbish removal service? Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Traditional/Normal Rubbish – This is your typical common and everyday rubbish, your kitchen garbage, bathroom rubbish the common household things you throw away on a daily basis. This category is typically included in the rubbish removal price because this is what the normal person disposes of daily.
  • Spring Clean Items – This category will usually be available for collection once a year maybe twice a year depending on your location and service provider. This would include larger items that you clean out from the home like furniture in some cases and other larger object that the service would not typically pick up.
  • Hazardous Items – There could be an additional fee for the rubbish removal service to remove items that are considered as hazardous. To dispose of these items the company will need to take special care and in some cases will need to be licensed to dispose of the items. These items can include but are not limited to asbestos, biosolids, radioactive materials, and human fluids just to name a few.
  • Yard Debris – Depending on your service provider yard debris cleanup can be included in monthly fees and picked up anytime or it could be an additional thing that is picked up once or twice a year. This would need to be discussed with your removal company to see how they do it.
  • Dumpsters – Depending on the size of your home (or if you have a commercial property or apartment building) paying for a dumpster service might be a better option for you. This again would be billed in a monthly or quarterly fee depending on the agreement between you and the service provider. The difference is that instead of putting out garbage cans filled with rubbish bags you would have a single dumpster at a mutually convenient location that you would use for collecting all the rubbish and then once a week (just like the regular go around) the rubbish removal company would come and empty your dumpster. This is ideal for businesses who have large items to toss out as well as landlords who have multiple tenants in one building.

The best course of action is to figure out your individual needs and then get on the phone to some local companies and get quotes and details on what they offer.