Removing rubbish can be a long painstaking overwhelming job, but a few handy tips can make this task a lot easier and save you money in the process.

Separate Household Rubbish from building Waste

Firstly, be sure to separate household rubbish from building waste. Separating rubbish can save you money at the tip because rubbish is often charged based on a number of factors including the weight, what type of waste it is, and if it is mixed with other items as it is time consuming to separate waste, therefore adding to the expense of tipping. House hold rubbish tends to be more expensive when it comes to tip than that of building waste, the reason for this is that building waste such as rubble, bricks and concrete are much easier to recycle as long as they are ‘clean’, that is, it is not mixed with other household items. Therefore separating rubbish saves time at the tip and hence the savings will be passed onto the customer.

Make Your Rubbish Easy for Removalists to Access

Secondly, it is more economical to pile your rubbish you want removed in an easily accessible area, we all know that time is money, so when the rubbish removalists come to clear out your junk less time is consumed and the savings will be passed on to the customer.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to a Rubbish Removalist

Never lift items that are too heavy. Rubbish removalists are trained to safely lift and move heavy waste in a safe manner using different techniques that try to reduce the impact on muscles and ligaments, as items that are too heavy can cause injury and a loss of future income.

Do Not Tip Metal Items

Never tip metal items, this can save you money as there are businesses out there that are willing to pick up your scrap metal free of charge which ends up saving you money at the tip. So next time you have a pile of junk ready to be collected be sure to separate these items and organise for a separate pick up.

Shop Around for your Rubbish Removalist

Shop around to avoid getting ripped off. Be sure to gain at least three quotes before accepting a service to ensure you are paying a reasonable amount of money based on how much rubbish you have , the weight of the rubbish, the type of rubbished involved and of course how easily accessible the rubbish is to collect. Another good idea is to speak to your respective council to arrange a council pick up, be sure to ask how much rubbish you are allowed in a council pick up and the types of rubbish you are allowed to dispose of to avoid any fines. Council pick ups dispose of rubbish based on volume rather than weight so it is best to have heavy items picked up for free, therefore, by arranging a council pick up you are reducing the amount of paid rubbish to be removed which in turn saves you money.

Wear Protective Equipment Before Handling Your Rubbish

Be sure to wear personal protective equipment as handling rubbish may not be the kindest job. You may be exposed to dangerous rubbish such as contaminated waste, waste that poses a health issue such as syringes as well as sharp objects. By wearing personal protecting equipment and by being informed you are reducing the threat to one’s self. Always be aware and cautious and never put your hands where you cannot see them. Also, be aware of your environment as snakes and spiders may be hiding in piles of rubbish depending on the season or location for example in bushy areas.

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