Skip bins are considered vital to the rubbish removal service. They are the part of the bread and butter of the whole service, and a reason why Sydney residents and businesses look towards Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal and our service. There are times though that people feel that they could buy a skip bin, rather than simply hire one. So when it comes down to hiring or buying a skip bin, we got three key pointers.

1. How often do you need it?

Another way to put this: how often do you need rubbish removal? If you find yourself that you need an one-off service, then buying a skip bin is not worthy the value. You will not need it regularly and it will be a waste of money. In cases like this, it is better to hire a skip bin or contact a rubbish removal service. If you find yourself that you need it constantly (like if you’re a business), then buying a skip bin is probably worth in the long run.

2. Can you handle the workload?

The emphasis though of buying (or even hiring) a skip bin is the fact that you have do all the work yourself. We are talking about everything: bringing in the skip bin, filling it up with rubbish and then disposing of it at a certified landfill. The actual rubbish removal process all comes down on your shoulders. You will have to be skilled with handling everything. This is one downside to either hiring or buying a skip bin. If you are struggling with the workload, calling a professional might be the best bet.

3. Do you have the time for it?

Rubbish removal takes time. Do you have enough of it? Buying a skip bin means that it all comes down to you to get everything removed and disposed off in the right manner in your own timeframe. By hiring a skip bin (and a rubbish removal service with it), the time factor is removed from you and placed on someone else’s hands. There is less stress on you to get it removed on time and more time for you to worry about other things.