Australia’s population continues to grow and with it, comes the rise of waste and rubbish disposal. This is why the importance of proper rubbish removal and disposal has never been greater. Do you want to know how important it is? Take a read of these interesting facts regarding waste and rubbish.

Below are some facts regarding the amount of waste that Australians and Sydney households go through in a one single year. Take a look.

  • According to data and facts, on average, an Australian household produces and therefore dumps up to 400 kilos of rubbish and waste on a single given year. That is more than most countries around the globe.

  • Australians use up to 4 billion plastic bags every year. Sydney has one of the largest plastic bag sectors, highlighting just how many use plastic bags in the capital.

  • If you read the Sydney Morning Herald and then throw it away, you end up causing 400 kilos of carbon dioxide a year when disposing of it at landfill.

  • On average, an Australian household wastes up to $4,000 on goods in their rubbish per year. In Sydney alone, that is up to $5 billion per year.

And here are some important facts on the type of rubbish and waste that gets disposed. Plus their importance in their disposal.

  • Despite what people think, plastic bags are non-renewable meaning that if they are put inside a recycling machine, they actually clog it up!

  • If you recycle aluminium, it ends back in the shelf again within 60 days. That is the recycling at its finest!

  • Paper that is disposed at landfills, instead of being recycled needs methane to be destroyed. Methane is a harmful gas that has contributed to the rise of global warming.