This rubbish removals job had only been estimated to take half an hour, however after greeting Michael, a lovely old retired war veteran, we were escorted through his home and out the back to where a large pile of green waste lay next to a fallen tree.

The Challenge of a Green Waste Removal Job at a Roseville Residence

Green waste removal at a Roseville residence

Upon examining the area further we noticed the home had poor access to the backyard. So much so that a grown man would have trouble walking through the narrow space between the house and the aged wooden fence, let alone a large tipper truck!

The Importance of Making Your Rubbish Easily Accessible to Your Removalist

When quoting the job over the phone we were not informed about the fallen tree or about the poor access to the green waste. Factors that caused the job to take a lot longer to complete than anticipated. This is unfortunately an all too common issue when trying to accurately quote on a rubbish removals job. And as the old saying goes, ‘ The Devil is in the Detail’!

How Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal Resolve the Green Waste Accessibility Issue

Nonetheless we soldiered on and tackled the challenge by cutting the fallen tree into pieces and carrying them through the house and out to the front where the truck was parked on the road, as the residence had no driveway or space to park in the front yard.

Green Waste Removal Roseville

We also had to make sure that while we carried the green waste through the house, we didn’t leave any mess (as Michael’s wife Catherine adored her pink fluffy carpet that covered most of this 1950’s style Roseville home!). The carpet hadn’t been replaced in a long time but by talking with the lovely couple you could tell it was Catherine’s pride and joy and that she had just shampoos and steam cleaned it.

Protecting the House Before Removing the Rubbish

We began the job by first laying out some tarp in the areas of the house in in order to get the waste from the yard through the house and out the front door without dirtying or ruining Catherine’s cherished carpets.

Removing Green Waste – Divide and Conquer

By looking at the size of the fallen tree it was clear that it was not going to fit through the house nor on the truck so it had to be cut into pieces. The tree was about six metres in length and had a large thick trunk. So we unloaded the chainsaw and the extension cord and located the nearest power point which was in the outdoor laundry located about eight metres away from where the fallen tree lay. We started by cutting away at the branches and then worked our way horizontally at the exposed tree trunk until it was cut into manageable pieces.

Post Rubbish Removal Clean Up

After cutting the tree we were able to then carry all the waste to the front of the Roseville property and then load onto the truck. After all the waste was removed we swept the area clean and removed the tarp.

Michael and Catherine had arrived back home by this time and were very pleased with the job indeed! All they had saw by this stage of course was that the fallen tree was gone and the extra green waste that was once piled up was now cleared away. But what they did not know is that by calling in Sydney’s rubbish removal experts they were helping the environment as all the green waste Extra Cheap Rubbish Removals collect, gets recycled properly.

Disposing Green Waste Correctly

Not many people pay attention to recycling green waste in Roseville (or indeed, in greater Sydney), and simple decisions can help preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy.

Green waste should be separated and disposed of separately to household rubbish. When green waste is disposed of with household rubbish it tends to end up in landfills taking up valuable space and becomes harmful to the environment as this organic material will decompose anaerobically (that is without oxygen) which in turn produces methane, a gas that has a global warming capacity 25 times greater than carbon dioxide. Also, a liquid called leachate is produced when material decomposes with green waste, this harmful substance if not managed properly can find its way into waterways and underground water.

Another Happy Rubbish Removal Client!

By the end of the job, Michael and Catherine were extremely happy at how great their yard looked, now all the green waste had been removed. And for our part, we are always happy when we can do something good for the environment by disposing of green waste in a way where it can decompose organically and be put back into the earth to add much needed nutrients to the soil.

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