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Over the last decade, Randwick property owners and renters, businesses and local residents have enjoyed the simple, effective, fast and affordable service offered by the team at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal. We are proud to say that our service is recognised positively throughout the area. This is why we have established a loyal and reliable reputation that we hope to maintain for many more years to come. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority to us, because if our clients aren’t happy then we aren’t doing our job right.

If you are in need of rubbish removal in Randwick or surrounding Sydney suburbs, then you know who to call. We will get the any excess rubbish out of your site in the blink of an eye, and at a great rate.

Our Successful Approach to Rubbish Removal in Randwick:

Since the very beginning, we have believed in making rubbish removal easy for our clients– and we have made sure to follow through on that goal in any project we take on! When you choose our services, the most you will have to do is to pick up the phone and call our helpful and friendly team. Provide us with your address and which items you need removed. Then you can relax and trust us to do the rest. We will come to your Randwick property, remove the required rubbish that you specified when you called, and leave to dispose of it in an appropriate manner. It is that simple with us.

Oh, and no need to worry about what can or can’t be chucked out or recycled. You don’t need to separate your waste whatsoever. We have the knowledge necessary to figure that out for you. At Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal, we prioritise eco-consciousness and incorporate that into our waste disposal process. So sit tight and leave your Randwick waste removal needs in our hands for the most effective and environmentally friendly rubbish removal experience around.

Our Rubbish Removal Services:

To suit all the needs and desires of our Randwick residents and property or business owners, we provide a host of different rubbish removal services depending on your situation. All of our services work on the same principle: we collect the rubbish from your Randwick property in a timely manner and drop it off at the eco-friendly landfills that we partner with. No matter what type of waste you have or in what amount, large or small, we are sure to have options that will meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations!

Some (but not all) of the waste removal services we offer are as follows:

  • Hard Rubbish Disposal (including e-waste, furniture, home items, etc.)
  • Home Waste Removal
  • Garden Waste Disposal (including flowers, grass trimmings, twigs, leaves, etc.)
  • Office Rubbish Removal
  • Used Mattress Disposal

Getting In Touch About Rubbish Removal in Randwick:

Are you in the market for top quality rubbish removal, but at prices that won’t break the bank? Then now is the time to contact the team at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal, because we can provide the best services at the most competitive rates. We are ready to help you with all your needs and wants for rubbish removal in Randwick. Get in touch with us today on 0411 015 282 to make an appointment or get more information.

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