Throwing a party celebration is all about having a good time. It’s all about having fun, games and delicious food. But once you throw in plastic cutlery and plastic decors, you’ll end up many bags full of trash. With this situation, what do you get? A headache. Plastic takes too long before they are disintegrated. While they are not decomposed, they are releasing toxic to the environment. Imagine the amount of plastics that are being accumulated after every party you throw. If you have accumulated the waste then you can reach out to the professionals for such junk removal services.

The good news is it’s possible to throw an eco-friendly party.  Here are some thoughts on how to throw a plastic-free party.

Make a plan and keep it simple

It would be best to take the time to carefully the party you’re going to throw. Plan what type of food you’ll be serving, the decorations, and the games. By listing these down, you’re going to avoid making an impulse purchase. Having enough time to plan will help you outsource the thing things you need at a lesser price or no cost at all.

There is no need to get plenty of decorations. Remember, the excess is not suitable for the environment. You’ll save money too. When it comes to games, stick with two or three only. Young kids can find ways to create fun on their own anyway.

Tell your guests

Instead of printing and sending out invitations, invite your guests by sending them an email or message them. It’s better if you opt for paperless invites to save on waste. Also, inform your guests about your plan of having a plastic-free party. The more you educate them, the better. It’s a way of encouraging them to do the same. If more people minimize the use of plastic on their party, we’ll be saving thousands of plastics from polluting the Earth. 

Say goodbye to balloons

Instead of using balloons for added decorations, you can buy colorful paper lanterns or make your own. Paper lanterns can be reused on future occasions too. You can also opt for bunting. You can use your old newspapers and magazines to create paper chain decorations. A printed fabric bunting would be good too.

Go for natural decorations

Prepare some glass jars and collect wildflowers t fill down the jars and place them on the center of each table. You can also use large flowers for backdrops. Instead of using plastic or paper confetti, make one from leaves. You can punch the leaves using a hole-punch or other shape-punch. Butterfly shape confetti will create a beautiful, and nature feels decorations.

If you want to add some lights, go for reusable solar powered fairy lights. Having the party outside and working with nature will set the mood for a plastic-free party. Nature is already beautiful, so there is no need to overboard on decorations.

Serving ware

Save money by using the dinnerware and silverware that you already have. You can also ask your friends or family to bring some extras if yours are not enough. Do not use disposable serving ware out of convenience; it’s terrible for the environment. Reusing is the best approach for developing green practices during parties.  If using ceramic plates and glasses is not an option because there will be plenty of kids or it will be expensive to buy new ones, then go for plates, cups, and cutleries that are made from bamboo. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material and 100 % biodegradable. There are plenty of manufacturers that are producing bamboo made plates, cups, spoons, and forks. This is an excellent choice for single-use.

If you want to spend a little extra dinnerware, then go to second-hand shops. You can find vintage plates with different styles and only cost less. You can use these things for future parties too.

No to plastic water or drink bottles

Plastic drink bottles are convenient but produce a lot of waste. Instead of serving drinks in plastic containers, buy drinks in large serving, then serve them to your guest using reusable cups or glasses. If you want to use straws, then choose a paper straw that can be composted. 

Party Favors

There is really no need to give out goodies bags. However, if you feel the need to give some, especially to kids, then fill the bag with one or two quality items. Avoid giving out plastics toys; instead, give a small notebook or coloring materials that kids can use when they go home.

You can also encourage your guests to do a craft project. It’s a great party activity, and then the guests can take home what they made. Examples are planting flowers, origami, painting creation, and so many more. There are more eco-friendly solutions that won’t cost you much.

Plastic-free parties are surely a way to go. You’ll be happy knowing that you had a great time knowing that you didn’t spend too much money. Plus, you didn’t create much waste, too, especially plastic wastes.  You don’t have to pay much on rubbish removal services because there is not too much waste that should be taken care of.

When you cut out plastics at your parties, exposure to harmful chemicals is reduced. You can minimize the risk of developing illnesses brought by toxic elements that plastic contains. Parties with not a single use of plastic are a healthier option not only for our life but also for our environment.