So you have called the team here at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to come and collect your household, green or office rubbish. You’ve given us the time and date, and you’re waiting for us to collect it and go. As you’re waiting though, you notice there is a smell coming from your rubbish and it is beginning to get out of control. Well, there is no need wait for it to overpower your place; we got five key ways to keep your rubbish odourless until we arrive to collect it.

  • Air Fresheners.

    You will probably need a lot of them, but they can work when it comes reducing the strong smell of your rubbish and waste. Spreading them around will help, but there will be a lot to go around.

  • Baking Soda.

    With a strong scent of its own, spreading baking soda around could cover up the smell originating from your rubbish. Sprinkling it around should do the trick when it comes to eliminating any smell from your waste or rubbish.

  • Bleach.

    Much like baking soda, except with a stronger and more powerful smell. It has the ability to pretty much cover up all the smells coming from your waste and rubbish. But be warned that the smell might be a lot to handle for some people. Don’t overuse it.

  • Cat Litter.

    Using rubbish to cover up the smell of more rubbish? It actually works wonders. Cat litter is great for covering up the smell left behind by cats and it works just as well with different types of rubbish and waste.

  • Dryer Sheets.

    This is great when it comes to reducing the smell of your waste and rubbish without spreading something else. Cover your rubbish with the sheets and it will keep the smell at bay. But make sure it does not get wet; it will become ineffective and create a worse smell.

So there you go: five simple ways to reduce the smell of your rubbish or waste. With information like that, there is no doubting the experience and knowledge that Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal can offer you.