RUBBISH REMOVAL REDFERNEarly in the morning, Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal got a phone call from Bradley from Redfern regarding hard rubbish that he needed removed from his place. We were more than happy to commit to the job, so we headed our way there.

Collecting and Disposing The Hard Rubbish.

We roughly arrived to Bradley’s house in Redfern at 1pm in the afternoon. As Bradley explained, it indeed was hard rubbish…and there was a lot of it! From planks of wood, to draws, from desks to cupboards, from tables to old computers, we found yourself loaded with hard rubbish. Not that we panicked or anything. WIth our latest equipment, we carefully loaded up all the rubbish into our truck, which took us about an hour, before heading off. Bradley, as expected, was thankful that we were able to respond so quickly.

Recycled The Proper Way.

Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal is committed to disposing of rubbish the right way. That is why once we collected all the hard rubbish from Bradley’s, we headed over to one of our certified and trusted recycling centres in Alexandria: DIAL-A-DUMP. Within the space of an hour we removed all the rubbish and left it with them, where they safely disposed of it.

Ready To Help Everyone In Sydney.

Do you need top quality hard rubbish removal for your home or office in Sydney? If so, there is only one team that can provide it for you on an affordable and cheap budget: Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal. To get in touch with our team today, contact us directly on 0411 015 282.