When it comes to having top quality and affordable household rubbish removal, people and homeowners come to us. And that is what happened in Balmain with Christine. She called Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal for her household rubbish removal and we gladly accepted the job, knowing she needed the service completed then and there. It was a late job that commenced at 5pm in the afternoon. But we were more than happy to help Christine in Balmain with her rubbish removal services.

The Clean-Up.

Upon our arrival to the house, we discovered that the household rubbish was already out for us. Our job was the process of collecting it and safely taking it to a waste disposal centre for it to be environmentally disposed off. With our truck and our latest equipment, we began the removal process.

Loading Up The Truck.

By slowly and steadily loading up the household items, which included large items, such as an air conditioner, a BBQ set and couches, we were able to remove all the rubbish from Christine’s home. With all the rubbish in tow, we were ready to make our way to the landfill.

Customer Satisfaction.

Christine was over the moon with our service and our commitment. We were able to quickly all up and remove all the household rubbish, in around 30 minutes, and we did the the job when she needed it the most. She was very happy with our work and said she was more than happy to call on us again in future for all types of rubbish removal.

Household Rubbish Available Throughout Sydney.

We are the experts when it comes to environmentally friendly and secure household rubbish removal. If you are looking for top quality services that is also affordable and worth the value, reach out to us today. To get in touch with the professionals here, call us on 0411 015 282 for an obligation-free quote.