Rubbish Removal Arncliff

It was early in the money when we got the call fromSt. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Primary School in Arncliffe for help with rubbish removal. We were happy to take this job in order to help the school with their rubbish requirements and requests. They knew that when it comes to removing rubbish for affordable and fair prices, Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal is the team for them.

Collecting The Rubbish.

When we arrive in the school, we found all the rubbish was stored away in the gym. There was tables, a cabinet and some cupboards. With our equipment, we were table to safely and securely remove the rubbish from the gym and place it into the truck. From there we headed to a certified landfill where the rubbish was disposed off accordingly.

Helping The School.

Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal is all about helping everyone who needs rubbish removal services. We are not just committed to homes and commercial enterprises, but to everyone across Sydney. This was why St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Primary School was very happy with our services, because we were able to help them with all their rubbish removal requirements.

Customer Satisfaction.

The school was overly pleased with our work! They appreciated our commitment to the job, and our desire to help get it done as soon as possible. The job took a hour in total and they were very happy to recommend us to others, as well as hiring us again.

Rubbish Removal Available Throughout Sydney.

Regardless of the type of rubbish removal service you want for your home or your business, we are the experts that can deliver the results for you. We know what it takes to deliver a top quality and affordable rubbish removal service for you. To experience this amazing service, get in touch with the professionals by calling us on 0411 015 282 for an obligation-free quote.