How to remove your kitchen tiles is a question that all Sydney home renovators ask themselves when renovating their house. Luckily there are some handy tips to make taking down your old kitchen tiles easy!

Home Renovation Tips to Help  You Remove Kitchen Tiles – Fast!

Over time your home may look and feel dated, solid long term fixtures may not be so desirable as time passes, but simple and inexpensive renovating tips that you may be able to do yourself, or with the help of a professional if you are not so handy, may save you money and even increase the value of your property. One of the most important areas of the home is the kitchen and is often the first areas of the home to look dated due to wear and tear. It may be expensive to instal a new kitchen but there are inexpensive ways to spruce up your kitchen such as painting doors, changing door handles and benches. Tiles are often used as splash backs in your kitchen and serve as a water resistant washable surface in areas such as behind the stove and sink. Kitchen tiles serve as a long term fixture and is something you may want to replace when updating your kitchen.

Removing Tiles Penrith – Case Study

Scott is a middle aged accountant that has solicited our service to remove and discard of the kitchen tiles in his investment property located in Penrith. As this house is only an investment property to him he doesn’t want to spend a whole lot of money replacing the entire kitchen, but understands some work is needed as the kitchen is dated and some of the wall tiles are broken and loose. The property was currently vacant so we were able to park as we pleased in the driveway. Scott showed us through the house to the kitchen where the job were to be done, it was a dated kitchen as expected but it was fairly large with white white tiles, he left us the keys and asked us to call him once the job was completed, and so we got on with the job.

In our experience we found the best way to remove tiles is to first remove the grout. Using a hand held grout scrapper we scrapped back and forth until the wall was visible. This job wasn’t to take long as it was two men on the task and the tiles were already loose. Next we loosened the tiles even more using a putty knife, we wedged the knife between the tile and the wall and pried outwards, we also used a hammer to tap on the putty knife for some tiles were a little more stubborn. We kept repeating this step for all the tiles until the wall was bare. As the tiles came off without much resistance the remaining wall didn’t have any holes in it and so it didn’t have to be patched up.

We finished up the job by taking the tiles to the truck where they would be discarded of safely. Removing the tiles left dust and grout all over the bench and floor and so we wiped and disinfected the benches, and swept and mopped up the floor. We gave Scott a call and he was back in no time to inspect the job and seemed pleased. He thanked us for our time and made a cheque payment, and so we were on our way. It’s a satisfying feeling knowing you have achieve the results expected out of a job.

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