Waste in Australia has lots of categories that you may be wondering how they are being managed properly. This is all based on the awareness that most persons are beginning to have about companies in Sydney and other parts of the country which are professionals in the field of managing and disposing of waste. The major aim of this post is to have you enlightened about some of the various types of rubbish (waste) that can be found in not just Sydney but the whole of Australia.

Food Waste

These are remains of foods that have been disposed of for one reason or the other. It may be due to the fact that they are the excess of what is needed at that particular point in time. Another thing is that this type of waste could be either cooked or uncooked (in their raw forms). An example of this type of waste includes, vegetables, damaged fruits, fish, rice, meat, bread, bones, tea bags e.t.c.

Garden Waste

These are materials that are unwanted in the garden when work has been carried out. Some of this waste has vital functions in the soil while others may not. Some examples of this type of waste are weed, flowers, leaves, branches of a tree, shrub cuttings and so on.

Dry Waste

Another name for this type of waste is mixed waste. They are those wastes that can be recycled to be reused. They are more common and pronounced as compared to the above-mentioned types of waste. This is because they are used by every category of persons in Australia. They are those wastes that have economic values due to their recyclable nature in Sydney. Some of them are cans of drinks, cartons, food tins, greeting cards, cartons of food, tissue papers and lots of others.

Construction Waste

This is a type of waste that you can only find around construction sites in Sydney. One notable feature of this type of waste is that they are weighty in nature and always require adherence to safety rules to be removed.

While some of this type of waste seems to be recyclable, others can’t. Some typical examples of this waste are blocks, wood, rods, electrical wires, used cement bags, used and broken tiles, nails and so on. Another name for this type of waste is known as hazardous waste and this is due to the danger that they pose to the lives and health of those in a construction site. That is why it has been recommended that the services of professional waste disposal outfits be hired when wanting to have this type of waste disposed of.