Australia’s biggest rubbish tip is located in the heart of Eastern Creek Sydney Australia, and makes up the largest integrated landfill/recycling facility in the Southern Hemisphere. What was once a disused rock quarry has been transformed into what Australia will see as the largest rubbish tip on offer that will take twenty long years to fill, transforming the way we recycle and the impact of our carbon footprint. This facility wasn’t created overnight but with the foresight of one man dial a dump entrepreneur Ian Malouf, seven years of persistent lobbying and $300 million dollars later, Genesis Xero is born.

The Genesis facility is a deep 150 metre hole which is set to be filled with 12.5 million cubic metres of industrial waste spanning across the next 20 years. Only eight percent of the two million tonnes of dry waste that will be processed in this facility will be crushed and tipped in the enormous hole via a chute, this eight percent is the rubbish that can’t be recycled, and instead the remainder of the waste such as concrete, steel and timber will be recycled and be transformed into mulch, road fill as well as other construction material.

A Highly Computerised Rubbish Recycling Operation

Genesis Xero is a highly computerised recycling operation and involves a huge network involving conveyer belts, crushers, magnets and sorting systems, a design inspired by Ian Malouf himself and his team of engineers. Ian insured he would develop the best facility and toured Europe to gain the best idea in industrial recycling, to create a recycling and tipping facility that will last.

This facility did have some objections, and the residents of local Michinbury were concerned it may be a smelly rubbish landfill, however the NSW Department of Planning approved the facility as the facility plans to do most of the processing indoors  reducing the impact on the community as well as the environment. All of the pavements to this facility are sealed and the road systems are irrigated with a sprinkler to reduce airborne particles. High berms surround the facility to create a visual barrier for residents and to absorb noise.

Building a Rubbish Tip that Caters for the Local Community

When this facility was built it is clear to see that it catered to the needs of local residents, reducing the impact of noise, smell, airborne particles as well as visual, but it also caters to  the needs of customers and offers to make it as pleasant of an experience for those who choose to tip and recycle and this facility with indoor unloading facilities, colour coded directional signs ensuring easy and safe navigation, a unique downhill conveyer and chute for quick transportation of waste from reception to landfill. The size of this rubbish tip, as well as the facilities on offer makes this tip the largest in Australia.

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