Is it time to get rid of older tires that aren’t useful anymore?

This is an issue residential and commercial clients deal with all the time, and it’s important to take action the right way. In this regard, it’s time to look at what the best ideas are for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint while making the right decision.

Here are the top three ways in which old tires can be recycled efficiently without harming the planet.

Removal Services

The number one option a person can look towards is a removal service. The removal service, such as our team at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal, will guarantee the process goes ahead as planned.

When there are quite a few tires to remove, it’s best to choose a service that will take care of everything. Our team will take the time to plan everything, including where the tires are going to be picked up from, how they are going to be handled, and what the recycling process will look like. Remember, each step in the process is just as important as the next. This is what makes a quality removal service an ideal option for clients to lean on.

Not only is this the best way to recycle the tires, but it’s also the right way to make sure the tires are removed efficiently. A lot of clients will not want to spend additional money to get rid of the tires, and this is the best way to make sure things progress as intended. Otherwise, the process may not be as quick as desired, and that drags things down.

Keep things as simple as necessary by focusing on seeking out a removal service.

From the moment a call comes in, a professional at the company will take the time to plan everything down to the last detail. This is what makes the recycling process a breeze when it is time to remove old tires.

Reuse tires

This is one of the simplest ways to make sure older tires aren’t hurting the planet or being wasted.

The first thing people do is to toss away their tires when that is the wrong approach to take. There are several appropriate ways to handle a situation such as this, and it’s essential to take your time with the process. If possible, it’s best to think about reusing the tires because of their material.

The material isn’t going to age as quickly as the actual tire. This means it’s possible to convert the material into something useful and ensure the tire turns into a positive asset.

If this can be done in-house, then it’s best to seek out a professional service to help with this. A removal service will also take this into consideration when it is time to push the tires forward into the recycling process. Remember, the purpose of a quality removal service is to ensure the materials being picked up are appropriately used moving forward. This will vary from situation to situation, but it’s certainly possible with old tires.

Take the time to reach out to the pros to see what can be done with older tires. A lot of people are surprised when they know what their options are like.


Modern technology allows businesses to take advantage of rubber-based materials such as tires. In the past, there was only one option available to the average person, and that was to send the tires out to the landfill. This isn’t good for the planet, nor is it the best use of older tires. So, what can residential or commercial clients do when it comes to their old tires?

The one option most people don’t think about involves pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis refers to a process where heat is used to convert specific materials into the oil. It is a unique process, and one that continues to be refined. It’s all about taking advantage of these machines and sending the tires out to those who can convert tires into this resource. It’s a great way to help the planet and can offer more use out of the tire rather than tossing them into a growing landfill.

It’s essential to seek out the right provider, in this case, to make sure everything is handled as it needs to be. There are several ways to recycle old tires, and these are the best options for those who want to do things the right way.

For those looking to recycle their old tires, we believe it’s best to reach out to our team at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal. We are more than happy to take the old tires and send out them out to be appropriately recycled. This is a one-stop solution to make sure everything is picked up from your property and taken forward to be recycled. Contact us today!