Spring is a time of rejuvenation where flowers blossom and bulky jumpers and rugs are packed away after the winter cold. It is often a time where people decide to clean their home from top to bottom which gives it a different feel. Here are some spring cleaning tips that will help you to declutter your home efficiently.

Throw Out Unwanted and Unused Items

Throw out unwanted and unused items that clutter and cramped your home. It is easy to accumulate unnecessary items and it may be time to call a rubbish removalist. Your closet is one of the first places to accumulate unwanted and unworn clothes, these clothes don’t have to go completely to waste as they can be donated to charities for those that do need them. Also, remove stains and odours by destroying the source of the problem which is bacteria that release gases that have a foul smell. Do this by cleaning stains and spills as you go, but for more bacteria infested spaces in your home such as carpet and upholstery, they may require a shampoo or steam clean every so often.

Clean Your Walls

The walls in our home never seem to be an area of concern when it comes to spring cleaning but with children around they too can often become dirty with fingerprints. One way to clean painted walls is by wiping them down with a clean dampen cloth and for more stubborn stains you could also use soapy water. If you do decide to use chemicals on your wall be sure to rinse them off with water as chemicals in soaps and sprays can soften your paint.

Replace Your Pillows

Nothing helps you sleep better and more comfortably than a Spring clean and one way to ensure this is by replacing your pillows. Pillows are a breeding ground for odour producing bacteria and it is recommended to replace your pillow every three months. Also, when it comes to your bedding be sure to wash big blankets before packing them away as the weather warms up they will barely get used. Add a different feel to your home with inexpensive steps such as replacing old bedsheets and adding a touch of decor such as cushions to sofas.

Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Bring in the professionals a few times a year to keep your carpets looking fresh and new all year round. Maintain this standards by taking off shoes before stepping or carpeted areas, also be sure to keep socks on as oils from your skin can get into the carpet and for the higher traffic areas of the home be sure to vacuum daily. Clean tiles and grout by using neutral pH level cleaning products. You could even make these yourself using a mixture of water a baking soda. Steam cleaners also do a fantastic job at killing germs and removing tough stains such as the mound you see in your bathroom.

Clean Your Kitchen Benchtop

Your kitchen is an important aspect to your home, and bench tops should always be kept clean as it is where most meals are prepared, it is important to seal bench tops as soon as they are installed and keeping them looking new by cleaning stains as you go. Be sure to care for your stainless steel appliances such as your fridge, microwave and oven. Do this by wiping them down with oils free products to keep fingerprints at bay. Be sure not to use anything abrasive to avoid scratching the surface making your appliances look more dated sooner.

Keeping your home cleaned and out of clutter is important to your well being, being in an environment that has a lovely feel and makes you happy can give you are greater sense of being. These are just a number of spring cleaning tips that can improve the look and feel of your home.

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