There are plenty of Sydney businesses that are absolutely rocking it, and a healthy economy makes everyone happy! That being said, no matter at what level a company or business is at, many of them make some common mistakes when it comes to commercial hoarding resulting in the commercial office rubbish. While companies of all sizes want to be prepared, sometimes that habit goes way too far. We see commercial-level hoarding taking place all the time with Sydney-based businesses of all sizes in multiple fields. 

Why Does Commercial Hoarding Matter?

Because it can hurt a company, some companies are stretching their budget or over-leveraging for larger or new spaces when so much could be cleared out by getting rid of old items. 

#1: Graphing Paper/Printing Paper

Yes, paper is essential in many office environments, but having entire closets loaded with bricks of the stuff doesn’t make any sense. More and more offices are going paperless or don’t need even a single-digit fraction of what they are storing. This is easy to recycle, to move to storage to free up space, or also to sell at a discount to get something back.

If you ever need more for some reason, it’s inexpensive, easy to find, and easy to buy in bulk. Very few businesses have an excuse to keep crates and closets full of paper.

#2: Cheap Office Chairs 

Once you’ve replaced and upgraded office chairs, you don’t need hundreds or thousands of extras. There’s nothing wrong with having some spares on hand, in fact, it’s a good idea, but if you have hundreds, it’s time to liquidate. Even if you expand rapidly 5-10 years in the future, do you really want an old office chair designed that’s 15 years behind?

#3: Outdated Machinery

Once you’ve replaced an old machine or unit with a new model, there’s little reason to keep the old one around. If it’s for the first few months to make sure the new machinery works the way that it should then that’s one thing, but once it’s obvious the transition is done, you’re not going back to that old machinery that, let’s face it, you probably should have replaced years ago to compete with others in your field.

#4: Obsolete Phones or Telecom Equipment

Do you really think you’re going to plug that phone back in that you replaced ten years ago? Yet in many call centers, customer service based telecoms, and other businesses, you can find dozens or hundreds of old office phones that are just taking up space. Many times we’ve helped clear out hundreds of phones for companies that were so old that it was impossible to sell them at even a 90% discount.

We can haul these around without issue!

#5: Old Computers

Computer technology marches forward. Graphics cards get better; software gets better, every program that gets developed will use more memory and require more advanced computers. Being vintage might be cute for collectors, but you’re never breaking out those old computers again, especially if many years pass by. Especially true for laptops that sit around for a decade – good luck getting those batteries to fire up!

These are electronic junk, but we have the skills, professionals, and tools actually to handle this in accordance with all EPA regulations.

#6: Computer Monitors

Monitors aren’t expensive, and every few years they change to be even better than before. While plenty of places need several extras on hand, primarily if every workspace features a 2-monitor or 3-monitor setup, if you have hundreds upon hundreds of monitors in storage, including any that aren’t flat screen, it’s time to call us to free up that space so you can make room for a profitable expansion.

#7: Projector Equipment or Systems

Why don’t you have a simple connection for your laptop to display on the wall of a meeting room? Anything else is outdated, superfluous, and probably taking up a ridiculous amount of space that could be better spent elsewhere. Don’t tolerate having this type of stuff taking up precious storage space.

#8: Old VOIP & IT Equipment

These are areas where once an advancement is made, everything else falls to the wayside. If you have very old VOIP or IT equipment or hardware, it’s time to upgrade and let us take care of this e-junk for you.

#9: Cubicle Panels

Not everyone has cubicles, and it definitely pays to have a few extra, but if an entire office is set up, how often is there really a “catastrophic failure” with a cubicle? Unless you run an extraordinary business that just generally doesn’t happen. 

So having a few extra panels is fine, but if there are dozens or hundreds of them…why? Even if these are individual cubicles that have electrical outlets or USB ports tied directly into them, we can still correctly dispose of these via the right methods.

#10: Overbuying Office Supplies

Take an honest assessment of what you need and how much. If you’ve had certain supplies and cardboard shredder waste sitting around for literally years and they don’t seem to be disappearing – maybe that’s telling you something.

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