Skip bins are considered vital to the rubbish removal service. They are the part of the bread and butter of the whole service, and a reason why Sydney residents and businesses look towards Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal and our service. There are times though that people feel that they could buy a skip bin, rather than simply hire one. So when it comes down to hiring or buying a skip bin, we got three key pointers.

1. How often do you need it?

Another way to put this: how often do you need rubbish removal? If you find yourself that you need an one-off service, then buying a skip bin is not worthy the value. You will not need it regularly and it will be a waste of money. In cases like this, it is better to hire a skip bin or contact a rubbish removal service. If you find yourself that you need it constantly (like if you’re a business), then buying a skip bin is probably worth in the long run.

2. Can you handle the workload?

The emphasis though of buying (or even hiring) a skip bin is the fact that you have do all the work yourself. We are talking about everything: bringing in the skip bin, filling it up with rubbish and then disposing of it at a certified landfill. The actual rubbish removal process all comes down on your shoulders. You will have to be skilled with handling everything. This is one downside to either hiring or buying a skip bin. If you are struggling with the workload, calling a professional might be the best bet.

3. Do you have the time for it?

Rubbish removal takes time. Do you have enough of it? Buying a skip bin means that it all comes down to you to get everything removed and disposed off in the right manner in your own timeframe. By hiring a skip bin (and a rubbish removal service with it), the time factor is removed from you and placed on someone else’s hands. There is less stress on you to get it removed on time and more time for you to worry about other things.


There is no denying the importance of landfills when it comes to rubbish and waste. Many people might not like the idea of a landfill in their area, or in their city, but it is vital part of the smooth running and clean initiative that you need when it comes to rubbish and waste disposal. This is why Sydney residents and businesses can enjoy a clean environment: all their rubbish removal and waste disposal, that is collected and removed by Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal, is dumped at certified landfills throughout the city. Now imagine if there were no landfills in the area…

There will be mess everywhere:

The last thing you want is to have trash piling up in your neighbourhood or area. Not only does it not look pleasant and appealing for your area, it actually is damaging for the environment and the health of individuals. Rubbish and waste brings sickness, illnesses, and wild animals (including rats, spiders and other bugs and rodents). Having a landfill eliminates all these threats.

There will be problems with the environment:

This is because landfills are different from each other; some landfills handle certain types of rubbish, like green or garden waste, while others take heavy and commercial rubbish. Each piece of rubbish or waste has to be recycled and dispose of properly. You cannot mix them all together, as it will result in the environment being damaged. This is why there is an importance to having certified landfills; they can properly recycle, eliminate and dispose of different types of waste and rubbish.

This is where the importance of having certified landfills and rubbish removal service is vital for Sydney’s health and being. Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal is the team for you for all your proper waste disposal requirements and rubbish removal needs


Australia’s population continues to grow and with it, comes the rise of waste and rubbish disposal. This is why the importance of proper rubbish removal and disposal has never been greater. Do you want to know how important it is? Take a read of these interesting facts regarding waste and rubbish.

Below are some facts regarding the amount of waste that Australians and Sydney households go through in a one single year. Take a look.

  • According to data and facts, on average, an Australian household produces and therefore dumps up to 400 kilos of rubbish and waste on a single given year. That is more than most countries around the globe
  • Australians use up to 4 billion plastic bags every year. Sydney has one of the largest plastic bag sectors, highlighting just how many use plastic bags in the capital.
  • If you read the Sydney Morning Herald and then throw it away, you end up causing 400 kilos of carbon dioxide a year when disposing of it at landfill.
  • On average, an Australian household wastes up to $4,000 on goods in their rubbish per year. In Sydney alone, that is up to $5 billion per year.

And here are some important facts on the type of rubbish and waste that gets disposed. Plus their importance in their disposal.

  • Despite what people think, plastic bags are non-renewable meaning that if they are put inside a recycling machine, they actually clog it up!
  • If you recycle aluminium, it ends back in the shelf again within 60 days. That is the recycling at its finest!
  • Paper that is disposed at landfills, instead of being recycled needs methane to be destroyed. Methane is a harmful gas that has contributed to the rise of global warming.


Many people might not know that much about waste disposal or rubbish removal. As experts in the field, we want to make sure that you are informed about waste and rubbish removal professionals. So listed below are four key points that you should know about the services in general.

Rubbish should be separated.

Each type of rubbish is different. That is why, we have services catered to certain types of rubbish. Household rubbish is completely different to garden waste, as office waste is different to commercial waste. Always keep your rubbish separate from each other.

Be mindful of the time factor.

Don’t think that collecting and removing waste or rubbish is a simple job. It takes time and it has to be done properly. By ‘properly’ we mean that the rubbish has to be disposed off in the right manner and it has be grouped together. Green waste is different from household items so should remain separate. Mixing them together only means you’ll have to separate it at the end.

Landfills are important.

Each landfills accepts different types of waste. It is down to you to figure out and ensure that you dispose of your rubbish and waste at the correct landfill. Landfills will check your rubbish beforehand, and if they notice you are trying to dispose of the wrong time of rubbish, will stop you, or ask you to leave the premise

Get the professionals involved.

If the whole process and effort of removing rubbish and waste yourself is a struggle, then it time to call a professional. This shouldn’t be a “failure” in your eyes. There are many benefits to having a professional work for you. They are quick, effective and time-efficient. It is an easier and simple solution to your rubbish problems.

To get in touch with Sydney’s best and cheapest rubbish removal professionals, call Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal today on 0411 015 282.


After top quality & affordable green rubbish removal services? Get in touch with Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal today on 0411 015 282.

Green waste is not like other pieces of waste or rubbish. It is delicate, biodegradable and has to be disposed of in the correct manner. It can be confusing for people that do not understand the finer details of what is considered green waste, and what essentially makes the cut. That is why they rely on the trusted team at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to help them with all their green waste removal services.

The Green Waste Removal service: what we will collect…

With our 10 years of experience, we know exactly what to collect when we arrive at a person’s property. We know what makes the cut and what doesn’t. This is what years of experience shows you. So, what green waste will we remove from your property? This is what makes the cut in our green waste removal service:

  • Flowers and fauna
  • Grass clippings
  • Flower cuttings
  • Leaves of all shapes and sizes
  • Small prunings
  • Twigs and large branches
  • Weeds
  • Tree bark
  • Garden waste

The Green Waste Removal service: What we won’t collect…

People might think that any “rubbish” goes anywhere. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Each piece of rubbish has to be disposed of in the right manner, so there are certain things that we will not collect when it comes to our green waste removal service. There is thin line what might be considered, which is why we are happy to list it for you here:

  • Gardening tools, including hoses
  • Bottles (glass or plastic – they are not biodegradable as you think)
  • Rocks and pebbles of all sorts
  • Gardening pots (regardless of ceramic or plastic composition)
  • Soils and dirts
  • “Hard” rubbish

Now you know what to expect…

Now when you contact Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal you know what type of green waste we will collect from your property. Do not fear though if you have other rubbish that needs to be removed, we have plenty of other services available for you.


Looking for top quality & affordable office rubbish removal services? Contact Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal today on 0411 015 282.

Do you sometimes find that your office is overflowing with rubbish? Do you feel that you and your employees are wasting hours cleaning away the rubbish? Worst, do you find that the rubbish is just getting too out of hand to control anymore?

What to do now?

If you are noticing these little things, it means it is time to call in a professional office rubbish removal service. A service that Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal provides to many offices, businesses and commercial enterprises throughout Sydney. The reason is that there are many benefits to enjoy when calling in an office rubbish removal expert.

The advantages that you’ll enjoy with office rubbish removal:

When you hire a professional service like Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to remove all the rubbish in your office, you are getting a top quality professional team, dedicated to making sure that your office is spotless and rubbish free. There are many advantages that you will enjoy Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal. They include the following:

  • Wide selection of rubbish can be removed from your office
  • The removal of all large pieces of rubbish (desks, TVs, cabinets, fridges and so forth)
  • It is convenient. Why work on something that someone else can do for you?
  • You’ll save plenty of time at work.
  • And spend it on work, instead of cleaning up all the rubbish
  • Dispose of all the rubbish in an environmentally friendly and correct manner
  • Recycled-focused professionals
  • The office rubbish removal service is effective, efficient and quick
  • Experience at handling all types of office jobs – large or small
  • Cost effective and better investment of your finances, instead of hiring a skip bin

Now you know what to expect…

Having your office rubbish removed by a professional team like Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal is one of the best investments you will make. Don’t discount the experience that a team like us can provide you for your office


When people think that they get can their household rubbish removed, they naturally think that it has anything to do with their homes, such a their gardens, their everyday scraps and rubbish. This is not the case though. Household rubbish is very much its own entity and has to be collected, removed and disposed off in the right manner. This is where Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal is happy to help you with.

What is household rubbish?

For many people, household rubbish is merely everyday rubbish that is collected at their homes and removed by local rubbish services. There is a slight difference though. Pure household rubbish is considered waste that cannot be collected by local services, has to be disposed off in the certain manner, needs to be recycled, is too large to be removed or is too hazardous for those local services. This is what the professionals mean when they say household rubbish. And this what Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal can help you with.

What is included in household rubbish?

There is a fine line in what is included in household rubbish, and what isn’t. Many people think that what is in the ‘home’ is considered enough. That is not the case. For example, waste from the garden, which is called ‘green’ or ‘garden’ waste, is a different type of waste completely to household waste. There is a distinct list of what is included in the household rubbish section. This list includes the following:

Large and small furniture items, including:

    • Beds
    • Tables
    • Tables
    • Cupboards
    • Cabinets
    • Wardrobes
    • Lounges
    • Bedside Tables
    • Coffee Tables

Carpets, rugs and decks

Floorings, including:

    • Timber
    • Wood
    • Tile
    • Carpet

Appliances of all sorts, including kitchen appliances and large laundry items, such as:

    • Dryers
    • Fridges
    • Stoves
    • Freezers
    • Washing Machines

General junk, such as toys, boxes and clothing

Looking for top quality & affordable household rubbish removal services? Contact Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal on 0411 015 282 now.


Looking for top quality & affordable household rubbish removal services? Contact Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal on 0411 015 282 now.

Every homeowner spends many hours a week cleaning their home. They spend hours wiping, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning every bit of dirt. But there are some things that that cannot be removed; household rubbish it is called. This is not everyday rubbish, but solid ‘home’ waste that requires an experienced hand to get removed. This is where the experience and knowledge of Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal can help you.

When do you need a household rubbish removal service?

There are certain signs that indicate that it is time to call in the professionals to help you remove all the household rubbish in your home. Some people might not know about these signs, which is why we are happy to highlight them to you. If you are facing any of these of issues and problems, then it is time to call in the team at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal for a household rubbish removal service:

  • When you are short of time, or don’t have the time to remove the rubbish yourself
  • When you are exhausted and don’t have the energy to remove the rubbish. Don’t tired yourself out, leave it to people (like us!) that want to remove your household rubbish
  • Your home is getting cluttered and overloaded with unused household rubbish
  • There is just too much rubbish to remove yourself, and you’re going to need an extra hand with it
  • When there is heavy lifting involved. It is safer to let experienced professionals remove heavy and large household rubbish items for you

Get in touch with the professionals.

These are signs and the signals that it is time to stop stressing and let the professionals at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal help you with your household rubbish. We are ready to make the difference for you.


Green waste is very special type of waste. It is part of its own distinct category, and has to be removed, disposed and recycled in a completely different manner to other types of rubbish. As experts in the field of green waste removal, Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal knows all there is to know about green waste.

Happy to help everyone with their green waste removal…

We understand that not everyone has as much knowledge and expertise about green waste than us. That is not us boasting, that is us being honest in our attempts to provide everyone in Sydney with the right information regarding green waste. Below are four key things you should know about green waste, from an expert in the field!

What can be considered part of green waste.

Green waste is 100% recyclable waste that contains biodegradable elements within it. Basically, anything from your garden, including flowers, fauna, leaves, twigs, branches, bark, weeds and garden clippings. All these pieces of rubbish are part of the green waste family.

However, there are some things that are not considered green waste…

These items include rocks, soil, gravel, pebbles, timber, pots and dirts. These items are in the “confusion” category, as many people think because they are part of the garden, they are considered green waste. This is not the case. This would be considered hard rubbish, and it is different type of waste completely.

How green waste is disposed off and recycled properly.

Every piece of rubbish has to be disposed of differently. Green waste is the in the same category. There are several green waste facilities and landfills throughout Sydney, which are certified to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. The waste is slowly broken down (thanks to its biodegradable elements) and is created into compost, which is sold back to nurseries, councils, landscapers and gardeners. This is how green waste should be properly recycled and disposed of.

How easy it is to get rid of your green waste…

When you call professionals like Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal. There is no need to work the hard yards yourself. Removing green waste from your property can be a struggling and hardworking task, that can take you hours, if not days, to complete. It’s back-breaking work. So don’t worry yourself over it. The team at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal are ready to help you with all your green waste removal jobs.

After top quality & affordable green rubbish removal services? Get in touch with Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal today on 0411 015 282.


Illegal dumping is the terminology given to describe the action of dumping of large items and quantities of rubbish in public areas including but not limited to roadsides, illegal landfills, bush land, parks, waterways, or private on private land without council or EPA approval. Simply the presence of illegally dumped rubbish encourages other people to illegally dump their rubbish. The most common illegally dumped items in Australia include furniture, packaging and organic waste. Other items that may also be dumped are abandoned cars, construction material, scrap tyres and hazardous waste such as asbestos.

Reasons for Illegal Dumping

There are many reasons why people choose to illegally dump their rubbish. One reason includes people are trying to avoid paying disposal fees, another reason includes people may not have the time or effort to dispose of rubbish the right way.

The Negative Impact of Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping can pose a danger to our environment and to our health. The impact can be significant as dumped rubbish can introduce contaminants to our bush land, harming our plants and animals as well as blighting our landscape. Illegal dumping can also increase the risk of flooding when waste makes its way and blocks the proper drainage of creeks, run offs and drainage basins. When illegal dumping occurs the potential for recycling is lost as all cleaned up illegal dumping makes its way straight into landfills taking up space and local councils are forced to bear the cost of clean ups which is otherwise passed on to tax payers. The aesthetic value of local communities may be affected by illegal dumping resulting in lowered property prices.

Areas used for illegal dumping may be also accessible to people, especially those more at risk such as the sick, elderly and children, who are more vulnerable to the physical effects of chemical hazards posed by waste. Illegal dumping may also create a breeding ground for rodents, insects and other vermin. Scrap tyres especially create a breeding ground for mosquitos which carry and cause diseases such as encephalitis an inflammation of the brain that can lead to permanent brain damage.

Community Education on Rubbish Removal

Many local communities have adopted strategies to help combat illegal dumping and the hazardous effects it has on the environment and public health. Such initiatives include community education, clean ups and regulatory enforcement. These strategies are designed to educate the community of the impacts of illegal dumping, warn them of the penalties associated with illegal dumping and inform them of ways to safely and legally dump unwanted waste material. Councils also provide a variety of ways their residents can dispose of unwanted material such as through scheduled clean ups and through waste disposal facilities. The extent of these strategies are enforced varies from community to community depending on the extent of the problem. Another initiative adopted by Australians is the approach ‘dob in a dumper’. This approach is to encourage people who see illegal dumping to report the matter to their local council which will be investigated further.

Dispose Your Rubbish Responsibly

Illegal dumping poses a serious danger to public health and the environment, therefore it is extremely important that all individuals dispose of rubbish responsibly by adopting appropriate strategies such as finding out when council clean ups are scheduled, recycling and donating to charity items that can be saved from landfills and by reporting illegal dumping. These approaches lead to a healthier environment and healthier people.

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