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Six Handy Tips for Removing Your Garbage

SIX HANDY TIPS FOR REMOVING YOUR GARBAGE Removing rubbish can be a long painstaking overwhelming job, but a few handy tips can make this task a lot easier and save you money in the process. […]

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Rubbish Removal Roseville | Green Waste Removal

RUBBISH REMOVAL ROSEVILLE | GREEN WASTE REMOVAL This rubbish removals job had only been estimated to take half an hour, however after greeting Michael, a lovely old retired war veteran, we were escorted through his home and out the back to where a large pile of green waste lay next to a fallen tree. […]

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How to Remove Your Kitchen Tiles

HOW TO REMOVE YOUR KITCHEN TILES How to remove your kitchen tiles is a question that all Sydney home renovators ask themselves when renovating their house. Luckily there are some handy tips to make taking down your old kitchen tiles easy! […]

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Australia’s Biggest Rubbish Tip, You Won’t Believe How Big It Is

AUSTRALIA’S BIGGEST RUBBISH TIP, YOU WON’T BELIEVE HOW BIG IT IS Australia’s biggest rubbish tip is located in the heart of Eastern Creek Sydney Australia, and makes up the largest integrated landfill/recycling facility in the Southern Hemisphere. What was once a disused rock quarry has been transformed into what Australia will see as the largest rubbish tip on offer that will take twenty long years to fill, transforming the way we recycle and the impact of our carbon footprint. This facility wasn’t created overnight but with the foresight of one man dial a dump entrepreneur Ian Malouf, seven years of persistent lobbying and $300 million dollars later, Genesis Xero is born. […]

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12 Spring Cleaning Tips

12 SPRING CLEANING TIPS Spring is a time of rejuvenation where flowers blossom and bulky jumpers and rugs are packed away after the winter cold. It is often a time where people decide to clean their home from top to bottom which gives it a different feel. Here are some [...]

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How to Tell If You’re a Hoarder

HOW TO TELL IF YOU’RE A HOARDER Hoarding is an obsessive compulsive anxiety disorder which often involves an individual to acquire a pattern of behaviour characterised by accumulating a large number of possessions that are not of or very little in value that seem to be useless. The hoarder will [...]

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The Dangers of Illegal Dumping

THE DANGERS OF ILLEGAL DUMPING Illegal dumping is the terminology given to describe the action of dumping of large items and quantities of rubbish in public areas including but not limited to roadsides, illegal landfills, bush land, parks, waterways, or private on private land without council or EPA approval. Simply [...]

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Five Things You Should Know About Green Waste Removal… From an Expert!

FIVE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT GREEN WASTE REMOVAL… FROM AN EXPERT! Green waste is very special type of waste. It is part of its own distinct category, and has to be removed, disposed and recycled in a completely different manner to other types of rubbish. As experts in the [...]

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When Is It Time To Call A Professional For Some Household Rubbish Removal?

WHEN IS IT TIME TO CALL A PROFESSIONAL FOR SOME HOUSEHOLD RUBBISH REMOVAL? Looking for top quality & affordable household rubbish removal services? Contact Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal on 0411 015 282 now. Every homeowner spends many hours a week cleaning their home. They spend hours wiping, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping [...]

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Don’t Clean Your Office Yourself! The Advantages Of Hiring A Professional

DON’T CLEAN YOUR OFFICE YOURSELF! THE ADVANTAGES OF HIRING A PROFESSIONAL Looking for top quality & affordable office rubbish removal services? Contact Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal today on 0411 015 282. Do you sometimes find that your office is overflowing with rubbish? Do you feel that you and your employees [...]

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